Friday, November 2, 2012

We are having a GIRL!!!!

We found out last Thursday, October 25th that we are expecting a little girl and we couldn't be more excited. We had out gender check ultrasound at 16 weeks where we got to see our little girl once again. At first she didn't want to cooperate. She was laying face down and very low. The ultrasound tech tapped my belly a few times and that must have waken her up because she was extremely active after that. She barely held still long enough to get a good look however, after about 10 minutes of looking and lots of fun pictures, we were able to get a good shot to determine that she is indeed a girl. She waved "Hi" and showed off her beautiful spine. She is much larger than the last ultrasounds that we had done. It is amazing how fast she is growing and how the time is flying by. She will be here before we know it.

Once the ultrasound was complete, we went to wait to talk with the doctor for my 16 week checkup. He said that everything looked great and then he listened to her heart. It was hard to hear the heartbeat because she was moving around so much. The doctor warned us that we may have our hands full with an active little girl. Whit and I just looked at each other and laughed... active dog, active daughter!! I guess we wouldn't know what to do with less!

After leaving the doctor's office, we had to notify everyone of what we were having. I wanted a fun way to tell people but it had to be fast and something that would work in a picture. So I ordered cookies from a store in Savannah called Two Smart Cookies. They have the best tasting and best looking cookies in the area. I ordered six cookies, three pink for a girl and three blue for a boy. I figured that I could take a picture of those and send that out to reveal the gender. Below is the picture that we sent.

She already has Whit wrapped around her little finger! I told him that we needed to go buy her a little outfit since we finally knew what we were having. He agreed and told me exactly what he wanted to get her so we went to TJ Maxx to see if we could find a pink Polo dress just as Whit said he wanted. Low and behold they had one. It happened to be 12 months but it was on sale so we decided to purchase it.

We also discussed names. We had one picked out already but we needed to verify that we were going to use it once we knew what we were having. So we decided on Madison Mae, but we will call her Madi. We have both always liked the name Madison and Mae is my late grandmother's middle name as well as Whit's late great-grandmother's name. So it worked perfectly that to keep the family name as her middle name.

Now all we need to do is find some bedding so that we can begin setting up the nursery!!!